Such a Pretty House


The first screen print ever produced at the Slowly Downward Manufactory, this print was adapted from the artwork made for the cover of a record called No Surprises by Radiohead. The original digital artwork was made at 12cm square, using various fragments and drawings. Some years later I decided to make it into a relatively large screen print... For some crazed reason long forgotten we decided to make this an eleven-layer screen print with silver ink and all sort of other colours. The original artwork was created entirely digitally, so it’s kind of ironic that I had to go to ridiculous lengths to turn it into something analogue that could be screen printed. Never mind. It took a very long time to print in a studio so cold that gloves were required for touching metal surfaces. The picture itself was first assembled in about 1996 or 1997, but I pretty much remade it for the purposes of screen printing which, as stated before, uses different layers. Such a pretty house. Pretty garden not included. There are very few of these prints available.

11 colour Screenprint

GF Smith Colourplan 370 gsm

Paper Size - W 640mm x H 710mm

Print Size - W 500mm x H 500mm

Edition Size - 288

Available 6

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