Hollywood Dooom


Part of the ‘Lost Angeles’ series that was made for the eponymous exhibition at Shepard Fairey’s galley in the fine city of Los Angeles, and one of the biggest prints that we’ve made at the Manufactory (something of a practical challenge). Portraying they City of Angels assailed by fire, flood and a terrible shower of deadly meteorites all done in a quasi-Mediaeval style, this print is the ideal solution to the quandary felt by myself when faced with the reality of LA - do I like it? Do I hate it? I can’t tell… It also features the only representation of a gigantic stone elephant that I've ever carved, as well as the Roosevelt Hotel, Graumann's Chinese Theatre, loads of other stuff and the world-famous HOLLYWOOD sign... 

3 colour screen print

GF Smith Colorplan 370gsm

Paper Size - W 940mm x H 500mm

Print Size - W 870mm x H 395mm

From an edition of 199

Available 6

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