This comes from the artwork for Thom Yorke's solo record 'The Eraser'

From Slowly Downward Taglibro Issue 3:
"The latest screenprints to be added to the Slowly Downward Manufactory represent the elements of a Cardboard Theatre, as imagined by Mr Donwood.
If you saw the little movies that were made for you'll perhaps recognise the theatre, the hastily-drawn proscenium arch through which the dramatic spectacle of London being destroyed in a clunky quasi-Mediaeval fashion was played out.
When I was vaguely researching cardboard theatres I found out that they used to be bought in considerable numbers by theatregoers, after seeing a real play in a real theatre. They would buy the cardboard theatres, complete with scripts of the play and little cardboard engravings of actors of the day. Then they'd go home and presumably bore their neighbours with inept recreations of said play.
This print is based on the idea of a cut-out-and-assemble cardboard theatre."

Paper Size 77cm x 45cm Approx.
Print Size   59cm x 29cm Approx.
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