Cook's Blue #237


"Each iteration of this foul-mouthed tirade sold out very quickly, which suggests that as I'd hoped, people are taking advantage of the clearly-displayed type and impeccable spelling to home-educate their children. Happy to help, that's me.

Printed using upscale paint manufacturers Farrow & Ball's ‘Cook's Blue # 237’ and rather Anglo-Saxon in word-choice, but compared to the actions of our rapacious overlords, both elected and non-elected, it's really quite mild. It will look absolutely fucking divine on the expensively-decorated walls of your dream home, and is sure to provoke intelligent discussion at dinner parties. Farrow & Ball's own blurb describes this colour as romantic and poignant, but personally it just makes me think of the fucking Tories."
- Stanley Donwood

2 colour screenprint
Paper Size - 380mm x 490mm
Print Size - 340mm x 440mm
From an edition of 90 prints

Available 5

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