Aeratus Llyn


This trio of prints were made to enquire into the difficulty of reaching somewhere far away on a journey made on foot. Somewhere quiet where all the clamour is forgotten and the loudest shouting is from the wind.

This eight-layer screen print is called 'Aeratus Llyn; aeratus being the Latin for bronze and llyn being a Welsh word used to describe a lake.

This print was made by mixing bronze powder from L.Cornelissen & Son in London with varnish, and to create the effect of distance, different layers of black ink are interspersed with the bronze varnish.  The original drawings were made with a brush and ink on layers of tracing paper.

A hand-pulled screen print on Fabriano Rosapina Bianco paper. Signed and numbered by Stanley Donwood and blind-embossed with the Slowly Downward Manufactory Stamp.

Paper size: 420mm x 290mm 
Print size: 320mm x 210mm 
Paper weight : 285gsm
From an edition of 145 prints


Available 15

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